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web cellHTS2 is a front end for cellHTS2 for an end-to-end analysis of cell-based high-throughput screening experiments. The online version allows to analyse single and dual channel experiments using all features of cellHTS2. web cellHTS2 guides the user through all analysis options and outputs a HTML including a full quality control report and a ranked hitlist. A downloadable package for local installation can be found here.

cellHTS2 is a software package implemented in Bioconductor/R for cell-based high-throughput RNAi screens. The cellHTS2 package is an updated version of the cellHTS package, offering a broader set of normalization functionality and the integration of multi-channel screens.
A set of example files can be downloaded from the online tutorial here. Additional sample files can also be found in the latest cellHTS2 source package (in source folder: inst) here.

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